Why impatience may be a virtue

If I could patent a diet, it would be based on nervous energy.

When the family gets together, I have to either be cooking, washing dishes, or tidying up. I just cannot sit still. I seriously envision my body losing calories just from expending all that energy. (I wish!)

In the other areas of my life, I can be a little OCD, too, writing down my stats. Daily steps. My weight. I keep track of habits and how many days I can keep going. I just like knowing how I’m doing compared to yesterday or the week before.

Anyone else like that?

So when I heard Becca Syme give her talk at 20K Books to 50K on Productivity Myths, I recognized myself. She busted some myths. Said that they don’t necessarily work for everyone.

I agree, to a point. My theory is, we might just not be quite ready to take that step.

For example, I used to be a pantser, but now I outline (not ironclad, but I find it to be a good start) so that I can draft, revise, and publish faster.

I used to buy planners I never cracked open again, but now I’ve found a planner that works for me.

Dictation is hard, but I gave it a shot.


Because I want to be as efficient as possible and grow my backlist as fast as I can. I have so many books I want to write before I die.

Some people will say Rapid Release is just one way to climb a mountain and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it if we don’t roll that way.

Thing is, how will you know you don’t, if you don’t try?

It’s time to celebrate this hunger. This drive.

Personally, I am always testing to get myself writing faster and one-draft cleaner with every book. And I don’t mind sharing what I learn with you and the world. By the time I’ve gotten something down, I’m working on my next professional goal of beating my last record. Just to say I did. (Making a bigger profit is also a motivator and a by-product, okay, I’ll grant that.)

Does RR make one more susceptible to burnout? Sure. But going slow bores me to tears, too. When my hubby and I are at a museum, he lingers over exhibits and I’m like, “Can we go to the gift shop?” Lol

One can hit a good balance. I hit the pedal to the metal when I am working and then relax between those bouts. Because I am not a machine. I have a life, and I want to enjoy it between and during books.

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