author life

I used to be a one of those gadget-lovers, especially when I started using the calendar on my phone. It just seemed so nice to have all my books, my scriptures, and notes digitally. And then Mom’s health started declining in August 2020. To keep up with all the doctor […]

A Fortuitous Find

I have been listening to my Kindle Unlimited books on my Alexa app (I didn’t realize this was a thing until my author friend Donna Weaver tipped me off about it. Thanks Donna!). On the commute to see my grandbaby, I listened to some really good Regency novels today. Blown […]

Cutting teeth

“What did you do today?” my hubby asked me when he got home. “Researched Italy in the early 1800s.” “So you can consider yourself an expert now?” “Hardly.” “You’re surprisingly relaxed for someone who has to write this book in two weeks.” * maniacal laugh * Check out my Series […]

What did you do today?