NaNoWriMo Day 20: K-Drama your way to a fabulous finish

It was movie night, and the hubby and I settled in to browse Netflix movies. Guess what series is trending to the top Netflix spot this weekend? Nope, it’s not Squid Game, but close. Hellbound, another Korean series, based on a Webtoon. This time, Hellbound took 24 hours to reach the number one spot. (SG took 4 days.)

If you haven’t watched any Korean movies yet, it’s time to pay attention. Because Korean filmmakers know a thing or two about pulling an audience along.

For me, my initiation began with Crash Landing on You. By the time I started, all episodes were out, so I binged all 16 episodes in one weekend. It waa a risk that paid off, an artistic experience I have never had before.

So what do Korean filmmakers do that we can apply to our NaNoWriMo project?

1.Put your characters in constant peril.

2.Create unforgettable side characters—yes, even the walk-on.

3.Add humor in unexpected places. It is a great release of tension. And then get back to business.

4.Start with a jaw-dropping story question and keep your audience guessing until the end.

5.Put your characters in tough situations and force them to grow. Make them choose between two equally important things.

6.Make the struggle over relatable, universal themes: belonging, freedom from debt, fear of death and damnation.

It’s not too late to put in any of those elements in your NaNo project. You still have the last third of the way to go. Make sure it packs a punch!

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