Life in the slower lane

I was writing down things in my planner when I flipped the pages to October. During the second week, I had crossed out a community publishing class I had initially agreed to teach at a university, but had ultimately pulled out of. Another week or two after that would have been a conference I could have pitched a class to but didn’t.

Like a talk I had given at church this past weekend, I’m learning to “be still.”

I am liking this breathing room. Most of my adult life, I usually have gone from event to event, hardly able to keep up with (often conflicting) deadlines.

I’m still busy. This week, I’ve got a conference. We’re hosting our kids this weekend. City Council is next week. I have a book that I haven’t started yet that is due to my beta in October. My YA needs revising. I have several non-fiction projects on the backburner. Et cetera, et cetera.

Not having extra stuff on top of all that is such a blessing. I’m able to savor life as it unfolds.