How I wrote 12,000 words in one day 2

After I finished Her Billionaire Beast by writing 12,000 words on the last day, one of my author friends asked me for some tips of how I got that many words out. Here are some things that helped.

1. A deadline. I wanted to get it done so I could spend President’s day with my kids. I don’t write Sundays so I had to get it done Saturday.

2. Cleared my schedule for the day. Worked from 8 to 6. No huge breaks between sprints. I knew if I left it I wouldn’t get back to it.

3. Sprinted with others. 20 mins sprint 10 min break. I double and triple my output against others. I usually write 680-790 words per 20 min sprint. 20 mins is my sweet spot. Longer and my mind wanders the last 10 mins.

4. Outlined loosely and researched ahead. Figured out character motivations.

5. Recorded my word count on a sheet of paper for visual progress. It is nice to have data on how quickly I can write a book. I try to notice patterns.

6. Constant typing. No second guessing. Just immerse myself in the world and write deep.

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