How I stay sane on social media

(My answer on a post on Indie Inspiration with Elana Johnson)

For the record, I’m kind of the odd duck that loves creating content. I wish I had more time, but reality does force me to have to choose what is a must-do vs. a nice-to-do.

I run one author group, one reader group, my ARC (Advance Review Copy) team group, my author page and councilwoman page

My regular posting consists of: a Monday roundup post in my reader group where authors can post their new books, a weekly victories post on my author group where authors can comment (notice that I have others helping me build content), a Q&A on my author group Fridays (an hour a week with minimal editing) and an occasional call for ARC readers. I cut back on other regular content when I ended up feeling frazzled. And then I journal/post as I am able on my councilwoman page.

Additionally, I post when I have something to announce, have a brilliant epiphany, or find an interesting link I think my audience would enjoy. I hardly do interactive questions (only if I want to poll my readers for books/ideas) or games and don’t do giveaways at all. (Sorry, guys.)

My philosophy is, I don’t want to post more than I would want as a group member/page fan. As a group member or page fan, I don’t need more stuff to entertain me. I get anxious with too much commotion. 

I want my groups/pages to be like my home. A place to relax and unwind, to just kick off my shoes and be calm. To have beautiful and meaningful things. Pretty pictures, special experiences. I do not want to be party central. There’s a place and time for that, but not on my timeline. 

I send out one newsletter for readers and writers on Tuesdays. It’s short and sweet with newsletter swaps. That’s it.

What about YOU? How do YOU stay sane on social media? Or is it a challenge for you? In what way?