Cutting teeth

Source: Canva

I have been listening to my Kindle Unlimited books on my Alexa app (I didn’t realize this was a thing until my author friend Donna Weaver tipped me off about it. Thanks Donna!). On the commute to see my grandbaby, I listened to some really good Regency novels today. Blown away. Envious. Regretful that I am 50 and cannot go back easily to un-learn my bad writing habits and re-learn this stuff.

When it comes to writing novels I am not a novice, but listening to these marvelous stories, it feels like I am just cutting teeth. I am not sure if I should be buoyed up by the possibilities or cower in the corner because I am not worthy. And then I thought…wait, Jewel, maybe you are an equally powerful writer, just in your own style. Yeah, yeah, that’s it.