What if…?

Pink Think: “If only the people who worry about their liabilities would think about the riches they do possess, they would stop worrying.” – Dale Carnegie

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I am 89, 611 words into my current novel. It is by far the most words I have strung together towards one story. I used to have issues trying to make a novel longer, but this time, it’s the opposite. Not that length is a bad thing. I know the end is near, gosh it had better be!

This has been a marathon. Some days have been better than others. Some days, I’m living the characters’ lives. Other days, I forget who is who until I flip through some back pages to re-familiarize myself. I am not tired of the story yet, thankfully, but it’s been a long long road.

Earlier this week, I almost gave up after these thoughts assailed me:

What if the story doesn’t make any sense at the end?

What if, after all this work, this turns out to be no good?

What if no one wants my story?

A friend of mine was visiting me the other day and told me she was worried about her daughter, who is very diligent in a lot of things: church, school, life. “I worry about the day that someone says something to her, ridicules her for her choices, and breaks her heart.”

I thought, why not revel in the here and now? Why not enjoy this time of her life for what it is?

So today, I will revel. I rejoice in the fact that I have gotten to this point. I rejoice that I have a story that has caught my attention for this long. I rejoice that I am down to my last few chapters.

As for the what ifs, I’m turning them on their ear:

What if the story makes sense in the end?

What if, after all this work, this turns out to be worth something?

What if someone wants my story?

What are YOUR riches?

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