Treadmill desk review

Perhaps the ideal time to try your new, DIY treadmill desk is not after successive days of door-knocking for a city council re-election campaign.

I had already walked 12,000 steps today, which worked out to about four hours. And then I got on the treadmill and tried out this new desk attachment. So now that I am done drafting and door-knocking for the day, I’m positively pooped.

What got me on this path of trying a treadmill desk is, I tried drafting in Notes on my Android phone while walking on the treadmill. Unfortunately, my thumbs aren’t that agile and I kind of got motion sick staring at a small phone screen. I decided I needed an actual surface which could hold my 17” laptop securely.

I got the Classic Plus 34” Treadmill Detachable Desk Walk With Me which attaches to my treadmill. At $167 plus tax and $17 in shipping, the attachment was pretty pricey, but this solves a problem I’ve struggled with as a writer—being sedentary for long periods of time. An actual treadmill desk can set you back over a thousand dollars.

I’m not sure how I even came across this product. I had seen a few other options in the market, but they didn’t inspire confidence with reviews. And then in its all-knowing way, Amazon showed me a link for a product that was a bit more money than what I had been looking at, but seemed to be the perfect option.

One caveat: I read that there is a risk of a regular treadmill’s motor burning out because at the slower walking speed the motor has to work harder, but I guess I’ll take my chance.

Installation was a breeze. You attach these Velcro tabs on the handles of the treadmill, put the desk on, and you’re in business. Except the angle was wrong for me, too low, so I added these little blocks that it came with. That worked a lot better.

Another plus, there’s no danger of me feeling sleepy while drafting. Or sneaking an unhealthy snack since I would have to get off the treadmill to do that…and that’s just inconvenient.

Some drawbacks…my mouse won’t work as is. It slides down, and so do all my other standard equipment—planner and water bottle. I will have to figure out a place to keep those things within reach so I don’t have to turn off the treadmill to access them.

By the time I had done two or three sprints, my legs certainly felt it. I was glad to stop the treadmill when I finished the first draft of my Christmas novella.

I can see how wonderful this desk will be, however, for after my campaign, when I no longer have to go door to door. In the winter, especially. But even in nice weather, I’d just as soon be walking on a treadmill, writing, than sitting in a chair, writing.