To Self-Publish Or Not

Pink Think: “Yeah, now we publish whenever we feel like it.” – Glenn Danzig

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At some point this summer, I thought I would at least look into what it takes to self-publish. I bought two books on self-publishing, read them and decided to stick to trying to get an agent first.

There are some writers out there that make self-publishing sound easy, but in reading between the lines, I am intimidated by (1) the cost of formatting the manuscript for e-readers and (2) the technicalities of publishing. Not to mention I cannot say with 100 per cent confidence that my manuscripts are the best they can be.

I started revising one of my novels lately, and each chapter has changed dramatically from my second draft. It’s a lot of work, but I feel like I am stripping it of superficial layers and getting to the meat of my story. At least I have a framework to work with. I know my plot for the most part (looking ahead, some details will change dramatically).

When I feel like it’s in its best possible shape, I’m going to re-weigh my options then.


Have YOU looked into self-publishing? Or have self-published? Why or why not? What was your experience like? Do share.

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