To everything, there is a season

To my fellow parents who are watching their best-laid plans take a backseat to summer and often, to kids.

This pic was taken of me and my kids 9 years ago. I am looking at it with a lump in my throat thinking they are all going off or back to college in a few weeks. My house is quiet nowadays and I now have gobs of time to write but there was a time it seemed I was living from nap to nap so I could get writing done. So yeah I was not the perfect mom but somehow these kiddos grew up to be wonderful people who are always teaching me a thing or two about how relationships are more important than any worldly accolade.

My writing is so much deeper today because of the memories I made with these munchkins. The good times, the sad times, the tender times. My heart is bigger because of them. They shaped the woman I am and I am glad– blessed!– that I have a role in the story of their lives.

To everything, there is a season. Embrace it. Enjoy it.