Pic: My hubby and me with my uncle and aunt I didn’t expect spending the weekend in L.A. with my mom’s brother and his family to put Mom’s memory front and center in my mind and heart. 55. That’s how many years my uncle and his wife have been married. […]

A Trip Down Memory

Pic: My grandbaby and me admiring the guava cake from Munchies in SLC. (It was delicious!) In the background was the second cake–ube–because I couldn’t pick between the two. They were both sooo good. Tonight our family gathered at our home to belatedly celebrate my 50th birthday. My choice for […]

Celebrating 50

Jeonju has a well-deserved reputation as a food mecca. We started out the day walking over to Nambu Market, where we ate some crispy Asian pear. A little ways down, we tried little duk balls (rice cakes) with honey inside. Yum! Further down, we bought Korean pancakes (one sweet and […]

Korea Day 5

Even though we missed the celebrations for Buddha’s birthday (May 12) by a week, there were still wonderful decorations leftover at the Beopjusa Temple. We entered through a gate where you leave behind your earthly troubles so you can achieve peace. The Buddhist temples in the park were serene, indeed. […]

Korea Day 3 – Part 2

To Koreans, food is a love language. Wesley Allen Attending church at our son Wesley’s last area, the members rolled out the red carpet for us. At Sunday School, one of the men sat beside us and translated the lesson. Drew still knows some Korean from when he served a […]

Korea Day 2

I’ve lived now in Utah for most of my life longer than I have in the bustling city of Manila, Philippines, so seeing all the high-rises in Korea is taking me some getting used to all over again. My husband, Drew, our three kids and I have been traveling for […]

Korea Day 1