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Pink Think: ” Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.” – Dale Carnegie

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You know how I recently posted, “I wrote a story that wouldn’t see the light of day“? Well, my subjects changed their mind. They said “yes”! A reminder that journalism is much more than just “writing a story”. It is about people. And that persistence pays off.

So…here is a link to my story of an amazing family with 18 special-needs adopted kids. I am grateful to them for being willing to share their story with me – and the world.

Also, here’s a poem I recently submitted to our local holiday writing contest. It was going to be a Hallmarky poem, but…

…enjoy anyway!

Christmas Feast Countdown

Pork roast smell fills the air
Mom says, “Snitchers, best beware.”
Why’d I have to wait? Unfair!
I stomp off mad, to my lair.

Coaxed back: “Chop the apples, please.”
I go and help, to keep the peace,
Try hard to avert a sneeze
so as not to spread disease.

Christmas feast, prepare!

Table laden with such fare
as to make my brown eyes stare.
Sample? Oh, but I don’t dare,
not with my mom’s icy glare.

But gazooks! My mouth waters
when I see the roasted oinkers,
side by side with hot potaters,
sour cream, cheese, chives and capers.

Christmas feast is near!

I bow my head in earnest prayer.
Say my thanks for Babe in manger.
(Try hard to ignore my hunger
as the feast gets oh, much closer!)

Fin’lly! What I love the most
makes me lean in from my post.
“Let’s just skip the Christmas toast.
If you would, please pass the roast!”

Christmas feast is here!

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