The Twelve Months of Oh Nine

Pink Think: “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo by Billy Alexander

I was scouring my posts for my “favorite” post of the year to link up to SITS (The Secret Is In The Sauce, a network of bloggers), and I couldn’t think of just one. So I decided to recap my year’s favorite posts to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

Here’s “The 12 Months of Oh Nine”. *clears throat*

On the first month of ’09, my true love heard me say, “I finished Ghost Moon Night!”

On the second month of ’09, my creative muse gave to me, a revision of Girl From Gurian.

On the third month of ’09, I got it in my head, to audition for a rock band.

On the fourth month of ’09, I hobnobbed and learned, with my favorite authors.

On the fifth month of ’09, I entered and placed third, in a first-chapter contest.

On the sixth month of ’09, I got a couple of articles, out there in print.

On the seventh month of ’09, my true love and I, celebrated 17 years.

On the eighth month of ’09, my band and I, rocked together for the first time.

On the ninth month of ’09, my friend Alice and me, got serenaded by Keith Urban.

On the tenth month of ’09, I got off the rock band-wagon, to go solo.

On the eleventh month of ’09, my writer’s group heard me shout, “I found my lost ms!”

On the twelfth month of 2009, I’m still at it, writing stories and singing my songs!

May you have a Wonderful Christmas and a New Year even more fabulous than this one!

What were the highlights of YOUR ’09?