The story behind Her Billionaire Sheikh

I was up until 2:20 a.m. on May 2 finishing up Her Billionaire Sheikh which came to 41,487 words. I wrote 10, 706 words to complete it the last day. That is book #25, one I am launching on May 29, which I think deserves a bit of a reflection post.

After that all-nighter, I slept in that morning. First time in a long while. I’m done with a book which means I’m going to weed my flower beds and work on stuff that get completely ignored while I am trying to finish a manuscript. Still trying to find that right balance between being productive and giving myself some head space so I’m not always on the go.

I’d been up early most days to finish this story. There were some days I couldn’t focus on getting my daily word count in. Thank goodness for author sprint groups on Facebook, which always kicks me in gear. I was excited to tackle Her Billionaire Sheikh. As with most of my books, it started out strong, was hard to corral in the middle, and then sped fast, fast, fast towards the end. Nowadays, I don’t even hope anymore that my editor likes my book. We oftentimes gut them together. I am looking forward to having her catch my vision so it’s the best story it can be. It’s a humbling experience I learn a lot from.

The female MC is not perfect—she is a con artist—which made for an interesting character. The setting is one of my favorites in the world—Morocco.

My husband and I traveled there in 2017 for our 25th wedding anniversary. I had “seeing the moon rise over the Sahara” on my bucket list and we were fortunate enough to make it happen. While there, we also made a side trip to south Spain, where I drew material for my Island of the Crown series and Her Billionaire Beast. What I love most about Morocco is they still observe their traditional customs, dress, and way of life. It’s like an exotic trip back in time.

My husband and I took a camel ride through the awe-inspring Sahara Desert.

I hope you all enjoy Her Billionaire Sheikh. It is the last (for now) of my 9-book clean billionaire romance series, but if you read to the end you will see there is a little surprise tie-in to my other books.

My next projects will involve cowboys and royals. Would you like to see more clean billionaire romances in the future?

Her Billionaire Sheikh is available on Amazon.

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