The Magic of Canva

Can I gush for a minute about how awesome Canva is? I only have the free version, so I can only imagine what the paid offers. I made this for a clean cowboy romance Facebook reader group to illustrate the process of how I picked cover models and how my artist made one of my cowboy romance covers.

Here are some things I love about Canva.

1) The typography is laid out nicely (that’s my biggest weakness when I make my own covers).

2) There’s layout guides indicating the edges and centers of the graphics in relation to the whole layout, which makes me feel like I know what I am doing even when I don’t.

3) The font selection, even the free ones, are awesome.

4) It gives you a color palette to choose from so that everything is tied together.

5) It has a bunch of free stock I could use.

6) It has templates that give me ideas for how to format my own.

Anyway, I am discovering lots of its bells and whistles. Seriously, I love how it makes my graphics more professional-looking. One of these days, I just might do the paid version!