Summer Bucket List

Pink Think: ” Oh, the summer night, Has a smile of light, And she sits on a sapphire throne.” -Barry Cornwall

photo copyright 2011 Jewel Allen

School’s out which means…

1. This is the summer to remember, I can just feel it in the air! For one, it’s still raining here and cold. Normally it’s already in the 80’s. Instead of wanting to be outside, I want to burrow in and read a good book. Have you read any page-turners lately? I have a stack from the library but I can’t seem to stick to any one of them.

2. Tomorrow, I will start a new adventure with the kids. For the past few years, my kids have been taking art lessons. This year, I decided since all of them will be in it, I might as well join in. I’ve been tweaking my reference photo on Gimp (cool freeware that is reportedly a lot like Photoshop, though I wouldn’t know since I’ve never used Photoshop before) while my husband laughs in the sidelines. I’m probably overplanning, but I want it to be as close to how I want it to be before I start. I’m nervous and excited.

3. Will also be doing some co-writing of songs for hire. Interesting to take someone else’s idea and expand into song. My forte has always been lyrics first and foremost. Without the pressure of coming up with a melody, I’m excited to try my hand at this.

4. My family and I made a summer “bucket list” of things we all want to do this summer. Some things on our list:

-Bear Lake raspberry shakes and beach horseback ride
-Lake Powell
-PBJ crustables
-Take dogs to reservoir
-SCUBA diving
-Try free sailboating
-county and state fairs (mmm, funnel cake!)
-Watch demolition derby (my son would probably say ‘drive’)
-Go to rodeo
-Watch Pirates 4
-Go to drive in movie
-Sleep in!

What is on YOUR summer bucket list?