Saying yes…by saying no


Source: Pixabay

My finger hovered over the send button. I wanted so badly to say yes, but my heart told me I shouldn’t. I had been invited to participate in local corporate games through our Chamber of Commerce. The events were fun and would keep me active.

But my June through August calendar was already marked up with lots of travel and sports. Just the other day, looking at it, I felt like hyperventilating.

I said a little prayer. Press the send button, was the prompting I got, so I did. Immediately, I felt lighter.

Next, I put out the announcement that I was taking a hiatus from ghostwriting memoirs. Since aggressively publishing last November–three books in 7 months!–I just haven’t had as much time to devote to my ghostwriting business.

I hope, with these decisions, I am choosing to laugh more, spend time with my children and husband, nap if I have to, plant my flowers, watch a butterfly, and recharge my creative batteries in a fulfilling way…without the guilt. I can focus on spinning my stories and serving in the community. No more running myself ragged, though I suspect I wouldn’t exactly be standing still. I hope to still set goals and grow, just at a bit more sane pace.

By saying no…I can say yes to things that matter the most.

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