Rock Star Mode

Pink Think: “I lead two totally separate lives. There are times when I have to slip into rock star mode.” – Martin Gore

My band and I rocked a military base yesterday.

(I wasn’t exactly going for the tough chick look with those biker gloves. Temperature was in the 40s and dropping.)

We followed a polka band (the celebration was Oktoberfest) who got the crowd dancing to the Funky Chicken (including yours truly).

When our turn came, the crowd was sparse, but those that did stay were awesome. Mostly teenagers who danced to one song (to earn tips for their school band fundraiser) and our cool and devoted roadies. I even had my groupies (some Filipinas who I met that night).

My favorite parts of the night: when we did a sound check to Stand by Me while the crowd watched and I felt like we proved ourselves; when we had a 20-something friend of the drummer sub late in our playlist and it turned into an exciting jam session; and when the school band danced and I tried really hard to not dissolve into giggles.

Click here for our playlist.

I knew it was frigid when my teeth started chattering and my microphone was wet from my breath. But it was a blast: I sang through the list, we had no meltdowns, and we played our hearts out.