Post-Band Blues

Pink Think: “And the relationships that happen become so intense, deep, involved and complex and really hard to say goodbye to. The hardest part of the show is saying goodbye when it’s all done. It really breaks you.” – Genevieve Gorder

Photo by Kristine May on Flickr

I don’t know how to say this without sounding schizophrenic, but I resigned from my rock band this weekend.

In case you haven’t been following my posts here and on my rock band blog, I auditioned as the lead singer of a local rock band in March and performed with them as recently as last Thursday. My band mates have been gracious with my exit but understandably bewildered.

Sometime, I will reflect about it, but suffice to say that it was the hardest thing I’ve had to do lately. Walk away from the band, that is, on the coattails of a concert and a promising future. Maybe even harder than gathering the courage to audition for the band.

I feel like I am coming off a sugar high, though I am calmer than I have felt in a while.

Reality hasn’t hit yet. Perhaps Thursday will come around and I will be wondering where I am supposed to be that evening, and then bam, I will remember.

I’ve got the post-band blues.

What’s the hardest thing YOU have had to do lately?

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