Nearly halfway!

My hubby and I at Chile-Tepin in downtown Salt Lake enjoying bottomless tortilla chips and yummy molcajete. It was a beautiful, relaxing day that indicates more balance in my life.

I am at 23,208 words towards Jockeying to Jeopardy, knocking out 2,976 words today sprinting with my fab writing buddies. Which means I am nearly to the halfway point of a viable novel. Woo-hoo!

I say “viable” because on the minimum, my goal is to write 50k words. But 60k would be fun, too. The longer word count makes for a thicker paperback, but the 50k is an easy, breezy read for today’s busy readers.

I made a backup document of my story and just pulled it up on Word to look at it. I have a growing cast of characters that I will need to write down somewhere before I sprint next. I am always forgetting the name of the chauffeur, the butler, the trainer, etc. If I even remember them. But it’s been fun to just push ahead in the story. Even when I mix up names and leave out details, I keep plowing on, so I have forward motion towards the thrilling conclusion.

Sorry, blurb talk. 🙂

As some of you might know, I had observed a 7-day social media fast which turned out to be one of the best things I have done in recent months. I have been more relaxed, happier, and more balanced in my work-life. If I miss a day of writing for fun things with the family, I do not wig out. I do not crawl back into my writing cave to pull an all-nighter.

My resolve for balance was also bolstered by a distinct answer in my prayers. The words were, “There is a better way.” I am working on having more faith in the Lord that if I put Him first, and my family, I will also be a happy and productive author!