My first firefighter romance is done!

How I imagine Rosa and Adam in Saving the Captain

I finished the draft of Saving the Captain!!! Book # 28 for me and part of a multi-author firefighter romance series. I knocked out 5,894 words to THE END while walking 12,310 steps on the treadmill.

One of the fun things about this book is that I feature our real-life neighbor cat, Anna. Real-life Anna is always trying to come into our house. We already have two cats or we might consider asking the neighbor if we could adopt her, as she is so cute. In Saving the Captain, the Captain can’t bring her into the house even if he wanted to because his son is allergic to cats. But that doesn’t stop Anna from sitting on the porch “like a broody hen” hoping to be taken in. How. Could. One. Say. No. To. This.

I’m so happy with how the story turned out. The characters have depth and the romance had a nice, slow build-up that deserved a happy-ever-after at the end. I hope that my readers will love it like I do. I will be revising it this coming week, pass it on to my co-author, and submit it to my editor. Saving the Captain launches March 24.

After I finished my draft, I decided a Crumbl cookie was in order. My hubby agreed to be my partner in crime. So the hubby and I went to Crumbl in separate cars and got the sugar cookie, buckeye brownie, lemon chiffon and chocolate chip. The store didn’t have a sitting area, so we sat in the car and enjoyed some of that cookie goodness.