Celebrating Seventeen Years

Pink Think: “I never have any problem getting enthusiastic with a good song and a good band.” – Waylon Jennings

Photo by Lori on Flickr

My husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary July 10th by going out to dinner and then stopping in on the International Jazz Festival at Salt Lake City.

I appreciated my husband for being willing to go with me even though it is not his scene. Not that jazz is, necessarily, mine, but I love going out to live music and a party.

[I wondered aloud how we have lasted this long when our tastes in evening entertainment couldn’t be more different, but I guess our secret is we are willing to do each other’s “thing”. A case in point: when we started dating, we went to a Latin dance (my pick) and an elk ranch (his pick) within the same month.]

Midway through the last band, we got up to the back of the audience so I could sway and dance. I find it hard to understand how people can just sit politely to toe-tapping music. I’m sure it has to do with not wanting to look foolish…but the fun that is missed!

What band/performer have YOU most enjoyed watching live?

Mine would have to be The Guess Who a decade ago. I went with a girlfriend and she and I danced at our seats the entire evening.

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