Break From Fake Day 2

This is day 2 of a 7-day social media fast I’ve decided to do, prompted by a challenge given by LDS Church President Russell M. Nelson. And it’s been interesting so far. Here are some things I am doing different:

-Last night, I found myself twiddling my thumbs at ten p.m., not having anything to do. Normally, that is when I hunker down on my phone and get sucked into whatever clickbait article catches my fancy.

-I don’t know what my friends are doing on social media, and I do not have the feelings of comparison and envy that I usually experience scrolling through. (That is what prompted my fast in the first place. I would see posts and despite all the blessings my family and I have been given by God, I still managed to make myself as little as a postage stamp.)

-I am waking up early and getting work done in our yard.

-I am still taking photos and selfies, but I am not posting them instantly on social media. Without that “audience,” I am not able to nurture the exhibitionist in me. I am not shocked in realizing that I am constantly sharing “content” of my life with the world. Eventually, I will have to find a balance, because I like connecting with others. As an author and politician, the connections help me with my audience reach. But surely I can scale back?

 -After a fun lunch with my hubby today, I took a nap this afternoon. I never do that. Granted, I slept far longer than I needed to, but it felt great.

-Instead of constantly checking my phone, I am looking around at the world and interacting more with family.

Gah, I admit, I have a social media addiction. Though it is pathetic it has taken me this long to acknowledge it, I’m just glad that I can take a break and get my head back on straight.