You Gave It Your Best

Pink Think: “What matters as you take life’s test, is that you gave it your best.” – Jewel Allen

Got home one day from a soccer game where the kids’ team didn’t score and the other team made 7 goals. I was upset about it and after some contentious discussion with my 15 year old daughter, I said I didn’t think I could attend games anymore. I just got so caught up in wanting their team to score or win. Did winning not really matter to her? My wise daughter had this to say to me:

“Mom, when you’re applying for an office job, they don’t ask about a goal you made. They ask, ‘Were you a team player?’ The winning isn’t what matters. It’s doing your best and learning even if you don’t score. It’s different for each person. Some things are hard for others because they have to learn. Not going to games is not the solution. Maybe parents who have to sit there and watch have something to learn too.”

Yes, I know, my jaw dropped.

So I told her, “You know, I was feeling kind of bummed this afternoon and thought about telling you when I picked you up, but didn’t want to burden you. I went to the library and saw all these books and wondered why mine wasn’t there. Tell me: does winning or getting published not really matter?!”

She said, “Life is a journey, it’s not just point A to point B and you’re done. Maybe you need to learn to be patient. You need to keep the end result in mind. Do you want to write a book that is just entertaining – there’s plenty of those – or do you want a book from your heart that others will really connect with? Maybe your writing has taken over and your life’s not balanced anymore. Oh, and also – you should pray before you write so that Heavenly Father will help you write what you should.”

Afterwards, we hugged and cried, then my daughter said, “You can come to me anytime you want to talk, Mom.”

Here’s a song I wrote, dedicated to my wonderful sweet daughter, with love and gratitude.

You Gave It Your Best
Copyright 2011 Jewel Allen

You’re down at least a dozen points, time is ticking by
You try so badly to be brave but you just want to cry
The game is fin’ly over, it’s time to go home
Though it’s hard, keep smiling, and you won’t go wrong.

You write a pile of stories, the years are flying by
You wonder is it worth it, should you give it one more try?
The no’s keep on coming, it’s time to start anew
Though it’s hard, keep believing, you have to write true.

Coz it’s trying and learning and giving your all
It’s climbing and falling while ans’ring the call
Some days won’t go your way
Your heart might want to break
What matters as you take life’s test
Is that you gave it your best.

You’re down that final stretch, the signs are going past
You’re not the fastest, you just hope you’re not last
The race is fin’ly over, it’s time to walk home
Though it’s hard, keep on trying, you have to go on.

Repeat Chorus

Some things you learn by failing
Some things you gain by losing
This journey’s a gift from above
Enjoy your labor of love.

Repeat Chorus

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