Playing The Game

Pink Think: “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end it is people that are going to hire you.” – Mike Davidson

Photo by p_muniz on Flickr

How was your Thanksgiving? I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. I felt warm fuzzies hearing my 69 year old dad laugh with my kids as we watched Tom and Jerry cartoons. I myself laughed with guilty pleasure over the slapstick humor. I also loved Three Stooges and Jerry Lewis movies growing up. What can I say? I am an 11-year old boy trapped in a girlie-girl persona.

This weekend, I blog-surfed and discovered I am not playing The Game.

Networking, that is.

I could visit more blogs and comment more, but I don’t.
I could cultivate a friendship with my favorite authors and editors, but I don’t.
I could get my name out there on writing blogs, but I don’t.

Instead: I am writing my stories and kind of keeping to myself nowadays.

I used to be more caught up with the social scene. When I was in college, I put myself in a tizzy being so many different things to so many people. Thank goodness I met my husband my senior year or I would never have settled long enough to connect with him.

Early on when I launched my blog, I tried to gather a following. And then came the day I thought, to heck with popularity. I will be me and sometimes if I am witty, that’s great. And if I’m not, well, take me as I am.

I get how I will have the occasional reader who happens upon my blog and leaves a comment. And friends and family are super-supportive. But sometimes I wonder why complete strangers click my follow button. Because this isn’t a fireworks and dancing-girls kind of a blog, ya know? I mean, I’d hate to let anyone down if they have some sort of expectation about getting their money’s worth.

My Pink Think above haunts me.

Will this be my undoing? *evil laughter*