NaNoWriMo Day 25: Compete at your own pace

Our family has a yearly tradition for several years now though not last year due to the pandemic. We all participate in a Turkey Trot wihich is not only great exercise and bonding activity, but benefits the food bank (we donate canned goods for our entry).

The past few years, I have walked because running is too hard on my knees (not to mention I feel like I’m going to die). This year, I brought my 7 month old puppy Lily.

I could be down on myself for not running and clocking in a great time like others who are more fit or faster, but I am just grateful that I can move my body, my puppy is nice to people and other animals, and that I finished the race.

In publishing, us authors tend to compare ourselves to others who are faster, make more money, or are more popular. It’s a natural tendency. Society (especially social media) likes to measure and reward those who are higher-ranked, have more fans, or have more quantifiable success.

They don’t see how much of a win it is for some of us to be brave and write a page or two towards our dream of a story. Or how each book makes us a stronger writer.

What truly matters is that you are moving in the right direction and that you are improving every time. And that you are enjoying the journey. Also, perhaps most importantly, that you are accomplishing the goals you have set out for yourself, and not necessarily what the world says you should achieve.

Finish strong! Five more days!

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