Meow-gazine Writing Tip #1 First-Person POV

Pink Think: “Using a first-person narrator is simply a matter of hearing the voice inside yourself.” – James Lee Burke

I’m in the thick of revising a nonfiction piece for a local magazine. It’s been a great learning process for me. With my editor’s permission (and some kitty help), I will be sharing his editor notes on this blog.

Meow-gazine Writing Tip #1 First-Person POV

First-person will work, but only if your presence is integral to the story. If you’re just a dispassionate, outside viewer, the value of your first person narrative may fall into question. Your presence in the story must have a reason. Anything less and it may come across as an intrusion. Did you experience any “ah ha” or cathartic moments during the interview? Did you learn anything from them while writing? Did they inspire you as they have inspired others?

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