Making Good Better

Pink Think: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.” – NBA pro Tim Duncan

photo from kelseykerridge

I sat in the bleachers yesterday watching my 15 year old daughter play (mostly) point guard on her high school basketball team. This is the daughter who, just last April, had to have surgery to replace her ACL. She plays as tough as the rest of ’em with a knee brace.

She is a talented freshman who has been playing more Junior Varsity and Varsity minutes as the season has progressed. Some days are better than others, but unfailingly, she says, “I think I’m doing better with each game.”

To her, love of game (which she has plenty of) is not enough; she is constantly trying to improve. She asks feedback from her dad on things she could do better. She works hard to improve her craft. Freshman practice is not mandatory for her, but she says she wants to go so long as she has no homework that day.

She inspires me to do better.

Though I can say I am no longer the wide-eyed freshman writer I was when I first completed a novel in 2006 and attended my first writer’s conference in 2007, I know I still have a lot to learn.

With the completion of my fourth novel in October, I am getting more efficient writing my first draft to reflect most of the story I had in mind.

I am getting more than just form rejection letters from agents, which means I am getting better at writing queries.

From that first book-length project (a memoir that will probably not see the light of day but had to be written before I could feel free to write other things), I think I am improving with each novel I write.

In the coming year, I resolve to get better at revising. To be braver and take more risks. To write more from the heart and to be more “real”. As my blogger friend and fellow writer Vivi says, “See…we have to write from the heart…otherwise what’s the point in putting ourselves through this torture!”

Here’s to all of us as we take stock of how far we have come and resolve to do even better in 2011. May you and your family be blessed with happiness and prosperity in the coming year!

What do YOU resolve to do better in 2011?