Back On Track

Pink Think: ” If the track is tough and the hill is rough, THINKING you can just ain’t enough!” – Shel Silverstein

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This weekend, I almost got derailed.

I had been slugging away at the revision of my historical novel, typing away merrily, when the steam kind of ran out. Novel fatigue, if you will. I just couldn’t stand the thought of spending another minute trying to tie the loose ends of my story.

I gave in to the voices and shelved my story for a day, while I flirted with a middle grade story which intrigued my ten-year-old to no end because it had something to do with cats. I almost went with this instead.

The weekend came and went. I gritted my teeth and went back to my historical novel and forced myself to get past that little hiccup.

I introduced monkeys. And made my protagonist spunkier. No more Miss Nice Girl.

I got through and I think I am back on track. I am 70k words into this second draft and gaining steam again. I am nearly to the part where I can transition into the already-written part of my story.

Which is a major relief let me tell you.

Because when you have 70k words already written it’d be pretty sad to get derailed and never get back on track. Coz you wouldn’t know what could have been then, could you?

Then maybe someday I’ll get back to the cats. But until then…

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