Life is Good

Pink Think: “There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.” – Annie Dillard

photo of Emmie the beagle by Cricket and Junebug the kittens…no fur flying

Heigh Ho!

My big fundraising event is over. Not perfect and learned lots, but a grand success nonetheless. All receipts aren’t in yet, but probably made close to $5k. The speaker showed up, the dinner was great, the volunteers helped, the event ran pretty much as planned.

I learned that –

People are generous.
Inexpensive can still be classy.

What’s next –

Racking up more words for NaNoWriMo
Getting more sleep
Taking a break
Playing more guitar

Update: my kittens and dogs are getting along.

Life is good!

Went into a McDonalds yesterday to buy breakfast for my daughter, her friend and me. We were running late, so I hurried through my order. The woman who helped us didn’t smile the whole time. It was only 8 and she acted like it was the end of her shift. So I paused, giggled and said, “How are you?” and she looked at me suspiciously. I smiled anyway. I decided her bad mood wouldn’t get me down. And it didn’t. I can be one of those annoyingly cheerful people, when the mood strikes.

Life is good, folks! Really. Have you shared your smile today?

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