Kindle Scout Day 21

Which is also NaNoWriMo Day 1. I wrote 1,614 words towards a new romantic suspense novel in two 30-minute sprints. If I really applied myself and cleared my day’s schedule, I could, technically speaking, write 12k words in an 8-hour day and reach my 50k-word goal in 10 days. But today is not one of those days.

I also promoted my Kindle Scout book to the following groups:

R H Rocketts
Contemporary Romance Novels & Novellas
Share your romance books

One of my author friends also said she would share DEADLINE today with her newsletter list. That was so nice of her to do without my asking. So as for KS, that’s about it. I have resisted running ads and doing other promos. I guess I am cheap that way. Plus I haven’t had the energy the past week to overly promote my book.

So instead, I am starting the next book in my “Romance on the Run” series, OUTBREAK, for my NaNoWriMo project.

It’s been fun, so far. First chapter in and the rugged former Marine and his feisty veterinarian neighbor have met, with sparks flying. And that was writing blind, without a plan. I had a vague idea of what the male and female protagonists did for a living, the general conflict in the first chapter and that was about it. I had to come up quick with his and her name, and I don’t even have a name for their small town.

Now that I have started OUTBREAK, I will have to sneak in some outlining work tonight, so I have some idea how this story will go.

Haven’t nominated DEADLINE yet? You can do so here. Thank you!