Is blogging dead?

Blog printed on an old typewriter

Blogging must be on people’s minds this weekend as I saw several posts essentially asking if blogging is still worth it. In my opinion, it is!

For authors, especially, where we share stories, blogging is a great way to establish a connection with current and potential readers. Think of it as little snippets to encourage them to try out your books or to relate with you on a deeper level. If they enjoy your little blog posts chances are they will enjoy your stories.

I blogged in the heyday and still do. I think it’s worth it, but it helps that I enjoy it. (I was a journalist for 20 years, so blogging has become second nature.) I have become a better writer because I write publicly, helping me develop a thicker skin. It has helped me find my voice and encourages me to write universal themes that can appeal to a wide audience. I love the immediate feedback and gratification.

That said, it takes discipline. One can’t meander and be boring. I also spend quite a bit of time catching typos after the post has gone live.

I have a weekly feature on Fridays where I do a Q&A with other authors. I do it so I can learn, while also building my platform as an author of writing how-to books and romance novels. It takes a bit of work and planning ahead but I think it’s great advertising without being salesy. Plus, not everyone is on social media, but everyone has access to Google. And Google loves content like blog posts. People often say they found me from one.

I hardly journal, except when I travel, and so I use my blog and FB pages as my public journal about anything and everything. Like updates on my work, what I learned from writing a certain book, etc. I write about my travels, pets, motherhood, my poetry. My life is basically an open book. Which I know is hard for introverts, but I think as authors when we are real, our readers appreciate it. At least I hope mine do!

I also love posting my photography in a blog post. So much easier to keep the photo with the right text. It also keeps posts in chronological order. Which isn’t as easy on Facebook where posts keep shifting depending on their popularity.

Consistency is the key. Sometimes I stumble upon an author’s blog and most recent entries are years old. I get it; there isn’t time to do everything. Blogging takes effort but you will get out of it what you put in. To keep things efficient, I cross-post between social media and my blog. Work once while having a multiplying effect.

To establish the habit, set a goal to post regularly. I post a minimum of once a week, sometimes more. That has helped me keep my content fresh, relevant and dynamic.

How about YOU? Do you still blog? Why or why not? What would make it worth it to you?

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