If you donut want a super fan

With the revision of His to Comfort comes this nice space for the next book. A freeing of my mind and release from tension. What this looks like nowadays: I am sitting in the shade of the deck in an Adirondack chair, with puppy underfoot. She’s napping and dreaming little puppy dreams, or following me around, squirming to sit on my lap. Anna the neighbor cat hangs around trying to assert her rank. I thought I had the best author setup in my office but I don’t think I’ll be staying much there this summer. 🤣 Not a loss, really. Being outside is always better.

I’m still taking it easy, recovering from a day or two of ADR (ain’t doing right). Still sniffly but otherwise, my energy is back and for some reason I am actually craving cotton candy, wanting to get a machine “for the grandbaby” someday. Instead, I might spring for donuts as it is NATIONAL DONUT DAY.

Do you plan to donut?? In case you need motivation.

Pic: Lily in adoring mode. If you DONUT want a super-fan, DONUT get a puppy.