If at first you don’t succeed

This is a pep talk for those of us who might not have done so well the first time we tried something.

For me, that list would include: making macarons, writing a novel, singing in front of an audience, and now, I can include baking a prime rib roast.

This weekend, thanks to friends who suggested this recipe, my prime rib roast turned out great.

I could have given up on it after that first Christmas near-fiasco when my prime rib roast turned out way undercooked. Could have decided not to try again. Instead, I asked around for success stories, learned from my past experience, and went for it. Again.

There will be many things we won’t master the first try. Thank goodness for second chances.

P.S. I am by no means saying I have mastered this…but it was crispy on the outside and, more importantly, cooked like how we wanted on the inside.

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