I entered Kindle Scout


I did it! Woo-hoo! I finished my edits on Deadline and submitted it to Kindle Scout (KS). In a couple of days, once they approve my book, my 30-day campaign for nominations starts.

I won’t lie. I am nervous. And excited.

It’s been quite a process getting this book to this stage. As with all my other books, it’s taken a lot of sweat and tears, but this one feels a bit different. For one thing, there’s the “American Idol” element, where I am subjecting my book baby to a very public popularity contest.

This has been the timeline of this book so far:

Mid-2000s – Started the book but never finished it

6/2016 – Traveled to the Philippines and incorporated research from that trip into the book

8/2017 – Finally found a stock photo that matched the protagonists, which prompted me to finalize the cover and finish the novel.

9/2017 – Got beta reader feedback, made changes and had editor edit it

10/9/2017 – Made final revisions and uploaded it to KS

As I already mentioned, I am nervous as heck. But it’s also been so freeing to finally put this book in KS, where it has to stay for 45 days until it is either picked or not picked. If picked, I will receive an advance as well as marketing opportunities through Amazon.

Note that KS is only for the e-book version. I uploaded the paperback version today so I can order a proof copy (see photo). Once the KS campaign is over, I will make the paperback available as well. Meanwhile, I can focus on my other books. Best of all, I can stop obsessing over Deadline edits.

So hang tight…in a couple of days, I will share a link and excerpt.