How to get past your manuscript slump

I have to force myself to write past my manuscript slumps. I can’t afford to scrap words on my rapid release schedule. Even a day’s worth of major rewrites can set me back on my deadlines.

For example, I wrote 5k recently and wanted to scrap it all. So I went with a different trope and I am back on track. When I am bored with a story I drop a huge plot twist that I have to write myself out of. Or introduce quirky characters. Or give the main characters more interesting roadblocks.

And then sometimes, I am just hating on my story by the middle, and I just have to force myself to plow through. Remind myself it sucks but I can fix it later. No manuscript will be perfect but the bones will be there for a good, maybe even great story. When I get to the end, it is such a high and boost of confidence, I want to put myself through that all over again. LOL

Believe you can FINISH it, and you can! That said, sometimes, you just don’t feel a story, and you gotta cut your losses before you are too far into it.

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