How I wrote my how-to book “Rapid Release”

I hadn’t always planned on writing a how-to book on rapid releasing, which is publishing a book over a course of regular time intervals (typically once a month, but could be more frequent, all the way up to every two or three months).

I had started rapid releasing clean billionaire romance novels in August of 2018, one per month, and had blogged quite a bit about it as the process unfolded. Around Christmas that same year, some people would ask in Facebook groups if some of the more successful authors had books on rapid releasing. Many would point them to files in the group.

This piqued my curiosity. I had been planning to write a how-to book on some facet of writing or another, but hadn’t narrowed my topic yet. The other topic I was toying around with was how to write clean billionaire romance. I threw that and rapid release on a post and asked my author networking group (Clean Billionaire Romance – Authors Only) which topic they felt they needed more, and they overwhelmingly chose rapid release.

So I went to investigate by googling and checking out Amazon listings. To my surprise, no one had ever published a book specifically on rapid releasing.

Before I proceeded, I put on my reality glasses. Who was I to write about rapid releasing when I wasn’t a consistent bestselling author? There were so many others more qualified who were killing it. Who did I think I was?

Well, I had a bit of a lull in January, where I had no book due for pre-order; I wanted a break from a punishing two-book December (with a Mexico family vacation thrown in where I spent most evenings finishing my book so I could meet my pre-order deadline). What if I tried writing it? What would be the harm in that?

First, I created a cover. That always makes book projects real and inspires me to write a book.

Second, thanks to my sprinting buddies, I wrote the draft in three days; in all, 12k words. I pulled some of the material from my blog, and any other information I needed, I added in. I also invited other authors to write essays on their rapid releasing experience. When it was all said and done, I had a 20k-word book. Finally, I had beta readers look it over for me. 

By January 20, I was ready to hit publish. Up until the last minute, I was scouring Amazon to make sure I had a unique product. If I didn’t publish it, then someone else would, right?

So I did!

That’s how I came up with my how-to book.

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