Enjoying the Climb

Pink Think: “Ain’t about how fast I get there, Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side, It’s the climb.” – from Miley Cyrus’ song The Climb

Photo by IngaHel on Flickr

A great day yesterday. To sum it up: wrote, picnicked, fed ducks, rolled down hill and watched the Hannah Montana movie.

Band practice was canceled, so I wrote clear through lunch. When two o’clock rolled around, I turned off the computer and called it a day. Perhaps that was the best sensation, when writing was going well, and I actually could declare a stopping point. (Usually I am dragging my feet about stopping, and try to sneak in some writing when the kids are home from school, but it doesn’t work well that way.)

I am writing a memoir on my experiences as a horse-show mom, and it’s been a lot of fun so far.

It’s easier than writing say, historical fiction, because it is writing what I know. Although sometimes, I wonder if so-and-so will object to being mentioned in my story this way. Ah well, I will write it first, and revise later. I also plan to not show it to anyone until at least the second draft, so that I will be free to shape it in its entirety instead of in a batch of 50 pages every month.

I’d been kicking around this idea for a long while. And then I read Lori Perkins’ Insider’s Guide to Getting an Agent.

She said that it’s easier in some ways to break into nonfiction than fiction. She has a lot of clients who started out as journalists, and nonfiction seems like a natural thing to transition to.

A snooty voice in my head says, “And who do you think will want to read it?” And I get all shaky and uncertain.

So I wallop it back with a bag of stale marshmallows.

Regardless of its commercial viability, I will keep at it. Wild horses can’t stop me.

Late afternoon, picnicked at a park on spaghetti (Yes, spaghetti with salad and ciabatta bread! My husband was skeptical at first of me bringing this huge meal, but I pulled it off with aplomb, ha!). We fed ducks at a pond (this is why God gave us kids, so we will have an excuse as grown-ups to feed ducks at a pond), then the boys went off to enjoy a baseball game I “won” for volunteering to play air guitar with a band at a local country fair. The girls and I rolled down a hill (a blast!) and went home to…

Photo by mileyicons101 on Flickr

…watch the new Hannah Montana movie. I have never seen the TV show and was pleasantly surprised. Miley Cyrus’ voice is a lot deeper than I expected, and she’s cute but not annoyingly so. The plot is wholesome and showcases “small town” nicely.

The music was fun. I loved loved loved the Butterfly duet she sung with her father. Tender and beautiful message. (I would love to fingerpick like that on a guitar. Can I just say how peaceful and happy playing the guitar makes me?)

My teenage daughter, a self-described non-girly-girl said, “I am almost embarassed to ask for the movie for my birthday, but I do want it.” How could she not? It has Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatt cameos and has a horse named Blue Jeans.

Life is good.