Caution: Student Writer 5

Pink Think: “We all need friends with whom we can speak our deepest concerns, and who do not fear to speak the truth in love to us.” – Margaret Guenther

On a highway, I caught up with this silver sedan that was going slower than usual. I slowed down, feeling impatient, and then saw the sign “Student Driver.” The rear bumper was dented, and I wondered how traumatic the experience was for the student who had that accident.

Sometimes when I write, I wish I could have a teacher beside me, encouraging, pointing out mistakes, giving me tips on how to overcome my fright as I navigate my novel. Somedays, I just have no clue what to do or how to get myself unstuck.

That’s why I love my writer’s group. I get feedback on my writing in a supportive, fun way. And those days I just want to get off the highway and get out of the race, they cheer me to stay on.

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5 thoughts on “Caution: Student Writer

  • berlinwritergirl

    I need a writers group. I have my friends on codex and my friends from Orson Scott Cards Boot camp that I can send stuff to for editing, but being fairly new to the writing seen I would not knoe where to go to find a local one. How did you find yours?

    PS I really like your blog. It is fun to find another writer mother who knows about the Philippines!

  • Jewel Allen

    @berlinwritergirl: Yes, it’s great to find things in common with others in blogland! How fun that you also like Philippine stuff!

    I am part of two writing groups right now; kind of fell into them.

    With SCRaWL, I just got talking to a fellow choir member from a county choral group and admitted that I am a writer. She already had been getting together with others, and invited me. This is my networking group, we go to lunch, do “girl” things. We exchange manuscripts by email, not so much workshopping in the “meetings”.

    The other one, the mom of one of my daughter’s friends said she’s always wanted to get together with other writers, I said, sure let’s do it. She organized it, called her other friends from her church group and we have four coming right now. We meet once a month which is about all I can handle right now and bring stuff to have critiqued.

    So I think the key is to tell others you love to write, it just might lead to a group. Take the initiative and invite one or two people to your house, then you can rotate or meet at a local library.

    I know of others who put out an invitation through their newspaper’s community column and meet at the library, but it seems kind of hit and miss as to who would end up responding.

    I hope that helps. Good luck!