Blessed Undertakings

Pink Think: “Never undertake anything for which you wouldn’t have the courage to ask the blessings of heaven.” – Georg C. Lichtenberg
My newest Treasured Stories poster, hot off the press

So much good news to catch up on, where to even start?

1. Finished edits on my own memoir called “An Ocean Away” which is the true story of my moving an ocean away at age 15 from the Philippines to Utah State University, and rooming with my mom in the eighties. I will be taking it to Family Heritage Publishers, where I outsource my clients’ books. Serves both as a sample for clients, and so I can take my own advice on the importance of writing your college story! (see above poster)

2. Things are going great with my Treasured Stories memoir writing business. I am working with a client and have several leads. Some things I have learned:

  • Let people see your human side, and you’ll break the ice. I played the guitar and sang at the senior center recently, while introducing my business in between. One gentleman approached me about a project because he remembered me from that. Thing is, I genuinely enjoy performing older songs, so regardless of how the “selling” went, I have fun anyway. It sure beats just sitting at a table and hoping people take a candy and listen to my pitch.
  • Be brave. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to attend a Chamber of Commerce after-hours, because I didn’t know what to expect. But I am so glad I did. Those events are so supportive of small business owners. Great way to network, exchange cards, and practice your spiel on a supportive audience. Might even have a potential lead from a lady who needs a memoir coach for her love story manuscript.
  • Make the most of even the smallest audience. I had scheduled a memoir writing workshop but missed a catching a potential group at the senior center. They’d already left by the time I arrived. The pinochle group was too intent on their game to want to join us. But I went ahead with my two and a half (one had to get up and down to take her turn at pinochle) attendees, learned a lot from my students, genuinely enjoyed the interaction, and made a client.
  • Think positive. It’s easy to cave in to rejection. But the rainbow is just around the corner. Stick it out and you’ll be rewarded. Also, positive self-talk works!
  • Remember you are helping people fill a need. Many have come up to me saying how helpful my service will be to others. It’s easier to share the idea when I remember I have a skill that can help people. I met with a client yesterday who said she could never get past a couple of sentences on her personal history until she attended my memoir writing workshop. Afterwards, she went home and, as “homework,” wrote three pages. I am excited to help her forge through so she can share her story with her sons, like she’s always wanted.
3. A couple of weeks ago, my editor emailed me that I won an award from the Utah Headliners Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists – first place for my opinion column, “Joke of immigration policy makes donkey of U.S.” Nice accolade, especially since I hadn’t submitted it myself; the paper did.

4. Yesterday, we accepted an offer on our house! When everything goes as planned, we could be moving to a rental in early August, and start building on horse property. One step closer to our dream of having our horses in our backyard!

The housing market has really picked up, and we have been blessed because of that. Ironically, because the house has been so much cleaner and because of the extra effort I’ve put into my flower beds, I have fallen in love with our house once again. It’s weird to leave a house that has always been “yours” from the get go. And I will miss our neighborhood. But not so much that I wouldn’t give all this up for our dream.

I am grateful to Heavenly Father for all these blessings. What is YOUR good news today?

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