Before and After Yard Transformation

In 2023, my husband and I decided to completely revamp our yard in northern Utah. In all, it took about nine months juggling contractor work and sweat equity to accomplish the changes. Here are before and after transformation pics. Scroll to the end for the list of contractors. To get my free plant list, click here.

Before: A Wild Entryway

Granted, the meadow look was kind of pretty, but everything was overgrown. The gravel driveway was undefined and looked lopsided.

After: Curb Appeal

We finished the concrete driveway to the road, which now leads the eye to the house. The symmetrical shape and edges provided a nice counterbalance to the uncultivated areas.

Planting beds were added to both sides of the driveway, abutting the front fail fence. The evergreen trees and shrubs provided visual interest.



Extending the walkway around the front flower bed created a more orderly but not overly formal look.

Converting the lawn areas in the front and side of the house to decorative rock and chat gravel was done to lessen our water usage. The rock incorporated drought-tolerant plants in the landscape design. The planting bed around the house included perennials that have ample room to mature in. I can indulge in annuals and decorations in planters I’ve added to the original design.

* * *

Before: Unused Horse Pasture

I’m not sure when the idea of having a pickleball court started to germinate, but we’ve enjoyed playing the pickleball in recent years so it got in our radar. Our grown children also enjoy the sport, so we decided to add a court in pasture that we typically don’t use for the horses. Or if we do, we can fence it off.

After: Pickleball / Basketball Court

Now that our three children are grown and married, it’s fun having activities that adults and children can all participate in.

* * *

Before: An Untidy Deck

The idea of a deck has always appealed to us, so we added one to our house when it was first built. Eventually, however, the weeds took over the gravel rock around it and it was too windy to keep furniture in it. Flies were also an issue.

After: A Cozy 4-Season Sunroom

Since we were pouring cement for a patio anyway, we looked into enclosing the deck into a sunroom. After doing some research, we decided on contracting the windows, electrical, and HVAC separately, instead of going with a sunroom contractor, which saved us money. Enclosing the deck was the Best. Decision. Ever. The sunroom is now my favorite room in the house. With windows on three sides and a mini-split unit that heats and cools, we have used this space all seasons. Our patio furniture and meals are protected from the elements and bugs and automated blinds keep the space comfortable.

* * *

Before: An Uninspired Side Yard

After: Function Meets Aesthetic

This photo seems like a seamless blend of elements–the decorative rock next to the concrete sidewalk next to the planting bed next to the fenced in gravel dog run. Coordinating all the moving parts among different contractors was anything but simple, but it was worth it to have a functional and appealing side yard. The addition of a man gate to the dog run allows Lily to enjoy our yard when we are outside, too.



* * *

Before: Grass, Grass, and More Grass

Before the makeover, we had lawn in the side and front yards, which meant a lot more mowing and watering.

After: Xeriscaped Garden

Bonus: The rock seems to attract wildlife. This is a killdeer nesting in the rocks.

* * *

Before: Undefined Play Areas

After: Children’s Play Area

* * *


Landscape Design: Landcurve

Landscaping: Utah Wildflower Co.

Concrete: H&H

Electrical: Curtiss Electric

Fencing: DE Fence

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