Beauty In You

Pink Think: “Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

photo of sunrise by Darrell Spangler

Last night, I was listening to some inspirational music, and told my daughter I wish I could write songs like that. She said, have you ever tried to before? I said, no. Maybe you should, she said. After a little while, I went to my bedroom and took up her challenge.

The song’s inspiration: I was driving home one day with a few worries on my mind when I saw – really paid attention to- beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance. Their beauty just lifted up my spirits and made me feel God’s love, like he was sending a message of encouragement. Lyrics follow the video below.

Copyright 2011 Jewel Allen

Restless and searching
Day after day
I seek life’s meaning
From things far away

Then I stop to listen
to a bird’s sweet song
It’s like I’m hearing
a friend’s voice so strong

(Saying) Open up your eyes
To the beauty of your life
You have many things
To be thankful for
You’re the only you
Who can live your life so true
Why can’t you see
the beauty in you?

I look at others
Who seem to have it all
I would much rather
Trade lives when I fall

Then I stop to take in
A sunrise of gold
It’s like I’m feeling
A friend’s loving hold

(Repeat Chorus)

If you could only see yourself
The way God intended
Soon you’ll come to realize
You’re beautiful…in His eyes

(Repeat Chorus)

Yes, I can see the beauty…in me.

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