Appreciative Blogger

Pink Think: “You can never be guaranteed good roles because of an award, but I think your profile and net worth as a performer has to do with awards, unfortunately.” – Minnie Driver

A few weeks ago, I read on Daily Blog Tips about a blog contest where, if they pick your blog as one of the best blogs out there (a very subjective criteria, I am sure), you get your cell phone bill paid for a whole year. The organizers wrote:

We think bloggers are among the most underappreciated group of people on the planet (so says our Mobile Maven team), and we want to do something to reward them for their good effort. We also realize we’re in the middle of a financial crisis, so what better way then reward people by taking a big monthly bill off their minds?

Who couldn’t resist that? I submitted my blog for consideration, and forgot about it until I received an e-mail in my inbox today.

Dear Jewel,

I wanted to let you know that your blog made it to the semi-finalist round of the Blogger Appreciation Awards. Our judges looked over thousands of nominations and yours was only one of 200 (less than 10% of the submissions) that has been recognized for blogging excellence. While you did not make the final round of voting (which starts today), you should feel proud of this accomplishment, knowing that we determined your blog to be in the top 10% of all submissions. Your site will be listed along with all the semi-finalists, finalists and winners when the contest is over.

It came with this button:

Thanks to the nice folks at cellphones dot org. I appreciate the pat on the back.

Okay, blogging razmattaz is over. I’m gonna go finish some edits to give to my wonderful writer’s group. Thanks to everyone for all your encouraging words as I streak to the finish line.