Two Sweetest Words

Pink Think: “I think everyone who makes movies should be forced to do television. Because you have to finish. You have to get it done, and there are a lot of decisions made just for the sake of making decisions. You do something because it’s efficient and because it gets the story told and it connects to the audience.” – Joss Whedon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame

Art from idsgn

As of midnight of Saturday, Dec. 4, I typed the two sweetest words in a novel manuscript: The End. Folks, the first draft of my YA historical novel Blemish is done at 65, 425 words.

I almost just went to bed, but I decided to push myself a little bit longer. I did it!

I had not intended to finish it at all. This summer, my interest in the story petered out mainly because I was too busy. And then NaNoWriMo rolled around, and I decided to put in enough words to make 50k. Then I wanted to put in enough words to just finish the darn thing.

Like dough I will let this ms rest. I will do my Christmas cards, clean the house, dust off some other work.

I feel good about this story. It’s not perfect by any means, and I will have to reconcile details to historical accuracy, but it has potential.

I didn’t think I had in me to finish another novel. It’s probably been two years since I last completed one. But here are some things that helped:

1. I bought a used laptop without wireless internet. Which meant I wasn’t as good about blogging. But I was better at writing my novel.

2. I joined NaNoWriMo. I got into the daily habit (except Sundays) of writing. I chipped away at 50k and soon it was just a matter of finishing it.

3. I wrote the story knowing a possible ending, but didn’t know the twists and turns until I got there. The characters and plot surprised me. I let the characters show me the story. Which was fun!

4. My hubby was sure glad when NaNo was over, but he did a lot of chores around the house so I could write and the neighbors didn’t have to call Social Services on us. Thank you dear!! And my kids encouraged me. They’ve seen me in this mode a few other times, and they cheered me on.

5. Heavenly Father blessed me with another story to create. For that, I am grateful.

6. My writer’s group, Unpenned, as well as blog and Facebook friends cheered me on to continue.Thank you!

My brain is still a little in a haze, but a good haze! I’ll be back soon to give updates, meanwhile, may you have a wonderful Christmas season!