Scattering Smiles

Pink Think: “Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

My husband and I sharing a smiley moment

There is something about weeks and weeks of rain followed by a sunny day (today) that just makes one so expansive and happy. Makes me want to scatter smiles around.

In the spirit of this happiness, I’d like to share some things to smile about:

1. My Dad turns 71 today. Both he and Mom are 71, in fact. My mom’s still busy and active, teaching at a community college. My dad has been feeling better than he ever has, since battling cancer in 2008. May they continue going strong!

2. Thank you to the person who invented litter boxes!

3. My op-ed gig has been surprisingly fun and easier than I thought. (Read my guest post on the Women on Writing blog about my decision to be an op-ed columnist.) It’s been so liberating, being able to take a stand on something and write about it. I know I need to balance being interesting and coming across as competent. I’m not as scared anymore that I’ll offend someone. It’s just words, people.

4. Well, I mean, words do matter. Words can be powerful. But as writers when we write down our honest thoughts and feelings, somehow, we are invincible from people who will call our bluff. I mean, what can they do to us when we are being honest while still trying to be respectful? They may call my reasoning flawed, but hopefully they can’t accuse me of fraud.

5. It feels good to be freelancing again on a regular basis. It’s a good amount of work to complement my other writing and LIFE.

6. I got a new novel idea again today. It’s contemporary YA. I’m assigning it to its place – number 3 – after the contemporary novel I am writing now and a YA historical fantasy series. Who knows if it will subvert my good intentions of sticking to one story at a time? Oh, well, if it does, it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and recharge. Do people really have a hard time coming up with story ideas? Right now I feel like my creativity is on overdrive. It’s great! Overwhelming! Exciting!

7. I had written a song a couple of weeks ago and forgot the melody. Then one day, I found it again! It’s great to rediscover it. I do want to tweak the verse melody, but I like the essence of the chorus. I love writing and singing my own songs. Until a year ago, it never occurred to me I could.

8. Last week of school! The kids and I have had a great school year.

9. This is where YOU get to put your own smiley post!!!!! What made you smile today?