NaNoWriMo Day 27: Make your vision happen

We are three days to the end of the month, and how is your story looking like? Did you start out with a vision? Or just a kernel of a story idea?

My daughter, Sabrina, who is getting married in December got some silk flowers from her grandma’s stash today to use for centerpieces. Sabrina had initially told me she and a friend would work on her reception decorations but it came up that I might end up doing it myself.

“I can help,” I said, “but you need to tell me your vision. I can’t imagine it.” (I also told her I can help but it would be best if she made the centerpieces; they will turn out better!)

As with your story, only you have a true vision for what you are trying to do. Will you succeed? Did you take a surprising detour along the way?

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