Meeting Deadlines

Pink Think: “The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.” – Noah Bushnell

I just finished edits on a nearly 200 page couples memoir for a client and passed it on to my graphic designer. I cannot wait to see the final product. What an amazing project this has been. It’s gratifying to see my clients complete something they know to be very important, and actually get it done. Still on track for Christmas publication, which is exciting!

I’ve been taking careful notes along the way, which I hope will help me in future projects for Treasured Stories. Meanwhile, I’ve made inroads with some potential clients I met at the Women Entrepreneurs Conference.
A few minutes ago, I e-mailed in my op-ed explaining why I’m voting for Mitt Romney (go, Mitt, go!). Then I will be finishing up a magazine piece about cow cutting over the next couple weeks.

It’s been busy, but it’s all good!