Introducing: Pink Ink’s Picks

Pink Think: “I cannot live without books.” – Thomas Jefferson

Photo by austinevan on flickr

(Say it fast: Pink ink’s picks, pink ink’s picks…)

Since I started this blog, I have resisted the idea of reviewing books in the traditional sense for a number of reasons:

Most of the time, I am too busy to take on “one more obligation”.
I am afraid I will accept a free book and then I won’t like it. And have to pretend I do.
I am nonconformist.
Writing reviews sounds too much like work.

But then I have won so many free books as a blogger that I’d have to be a hypocrite to not admit I do like getting books in the mail. And reading them. And writing posts about them like this and this.

So I have decided to write about books in posts called Pink Ink’s Picks.

That is, I will read a book and share how the book changed me. Why it made me laugh or cry. What it taught me about myself or the world. How reading a certain book reminds me so much of that time when I was a young girl growing up in the Philippines and my mother caught me climbing the neighbor’s tree when I wasn’t supposed to…

I will most likely not summarize a book; Amazon does a good enough job of that. What I will do is to continue sharing my love of books and reading through my blog posts.

If you are giving away Advance Reading Copies of a book which you would like me to consider as a Pink Ink Pick, please email me at pink_ink at q dot com with the title, brief description, and link (if available). If it sounds like a book I would be interested in, I will let you know and give you a time frame of when I might be able to read and post about it.

Please note, I do not want to read books with explicit sex or violence; however, I will not necessarily turn down a book just because it is “controversial”.

Fair enough?

Reader, do you review books on your blog? What interesting books have you come across lately?