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Pink Think: “All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.” -Philip Johnson

photo by ukaaa on flickr

Today, we put our house up for sale. The hope is, once we sell our house, we will buy horse property so we can have our horses in our backyard.

Our realtor’s assistant went through the house taking pictures for the listing. For the past few weeks, our family has deep cleaned our house so well we joke that we should sell our house every year so it’d be this clean and uncluttered.

I don’t like the stress of selling, but I do like the feeling of a clean, tidy house. I feel light, spacious and serene.

As J was walking through, I winced at spots I had missed. Scuff marks on the doors. I imagined my vibrant paint choices through a stranger’s eyes. I painted not necessarily thinking of resale. I painted it for my enjoyment. I felt like apologizing, then I straightened my shoulders and lifted my chin. Why should I feel bad about painting my house colors that made me and my family happy?

This experience made me think of my books. When my critique partners look at my stories, or an agent looks at my first chapter or query, all of a sudden I notice all these dings and shortcomings. Thing is, no manuscript will ever be perfect. At a certain point, I just need to stop and call it good. Put it up “for sale” and open it up to the world.

My book should please first and foremost myself. Else, why write it? The best thing I can do is to polish it to the best of my ability, and shop it around to the world unapologetically and bravely. Vibrant colors and all.

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